Private Parties


If you are looking for a flexible venue to rent, TEAplusART offers the perfect blend of atmosphere and fun. Whether you need an intimate place for an art exhibit, a casual place for corporate socials, birthdays, baby showers, or anything in between, we’ve got the room you need and the professional staff to make your event successful!

Our tasting room is available for rent anytime. Rental fees vary by function, artisan tea tasting included. 
Private CREATE YOUR OWN TEA BLEND and BUSINESS ETIQUETTE workshops offered anytime. Want to know more? Contact us to discuss your event and learn how TEAplusART can help make it unique and unforgettable!


Private Party All-Day Show in Tasting Room and Courtyard
Event Times 10:00 am-2:00 pm, 3:00 pm-7:00 pm Any
Length of Event 4 hours 24 hours
Maximum number of guests Up to 24 seated/30 classroom  or 40 in main gallery Up to 40 standing
Room Charge $200/event       $400/main gallery

(50% off with menu package)

$400/day, (First Saturday +$100)

(50% off with menu package)

Deposit Required 50% (non-refundable) 50% (non-refundable)
Gratuity (added to total in addition to 8.25% sales tax) 18% 18%
Menu Packages Kids KINDNESS MATTERS Party ($15):

  • Fruit Tea
  • Seasonal fruit
  • Mini scones
  • Presentation on Kindness/Etiquette
  • Kindness Certificate
  • Serving pieces/stands (no china/flatware provided)
  • Youth bring tea cups to show or exchange
  • Paper plates allowed

Creme Tea Service ($15):

  • Tea tasting
  • Tea breads and fruit
  • Scones
  • Vintage cups/plates
  • Cake stands
  • Sugar cubes, milk, lemons
  • Doilies and centerpieces
  • Bar service for tea refills

Afternoon Tea Service ($25):

  • Three teas served (selected by hostess)
  • Tea sandwiches (chicken salad, tuna salad, cucumber)
  • Scones with jam and whip cream
  • Desserts (petit lemon bars, brownies, tarts)
  • Vintage china plateware
  • Service on tiered trays
  • Sugar cubes, milk, lemons for teatime
  • Linens, doilies and centerpieces
  • One server for the event


Tea Urns $20
Sweet Trays $65 / $85

  • Creme Tea Service ($15)
    • Tea tasting
    • Tea breads and scones
    • Seasonal fruit
    • Vintage cups/plates
    • Serving pieces


    Tea Urns $20

Sweet Trays $65 / $85


Creamers, tongs, lemon forks, sampling cups Provided by TEAplusART Provided by TEAplusART
Champagne/ food (provided by client) $5 corkage fee.

$1 cake cutting fee, if plates are needed and staff serves. Kitchen facilities not available.

Decorations, wine glasses and linens (provided by client) No confetti or candles, no hanging on walls. No confetti or candles.
Games and Activities (provided by client) Restricted to tasting room. Restricted to tasting room and courtyard.

Main Gallery access $200

Guaranteed number of attendees 3 business days prior to the event 3 business days prior to the event
Gift Table Provided N/A
Entertainment (contracted by client) Contacts for tea leaf reader, face painter, harpist and jazz duo available for hire Not available
Presentations and Demonstrations (made by guests) Restricted to tasting room. Restricted to tasting room and courtyard.
Audio/Visual Equipment (provided by client) Not allowed Limited to Tasting Room Area

Reservation must be arranged at least one month in advance and is subject to room availability.

• A non-refundable deposit for the Tasting Room is required at time of booking to hold and confirm your reservation. You will receive confirmation of your reservation, and the deposit will be applied to the balance of the rental fee. A valid credit card number must be provided to hold the rental date and to cover any additional rental fees

• The full rental fee is due prior to your arrival. We accept all major credit cards, cash, or check with proper ID.

• TEAplusART grounds are open from 10:00 am – 7:00 pm. Because the studio is private property, everyone must vacate the grounds by 7:00 pm.

• TEAinTEXAS hand crafted teas are available for purchase by the cup or by the pot. Tea tastings are included in rental (education and sample cups of three teas). Tea in Texas does not guarantee the selection of tea available for the rental. To ensure the necessary tea blends for the rental it is recommended to purchase tea in advance.

• Should you need it, TEAplusART will provide a vendor list of local caterers. No full-service kitchen is available for rentals. You may contract with any caterer or provide your own deli/sandwich trays. Set up and cleanup time must be included in the rental period indicated in the contract. Early arrival or late departure time shall be billed to you at $40/hr. It is your responsibility to notify the caterer of the regulations laid out in this document.

• TEAplusART is a non-smoking facility. We reserve the right to modify or remove any decorations or entertainment  that any of our employees believe is inappropriate or a safety risk.

• Any items brought onto the property must be removed from the property. Trash and recycling must be placed in a designated area following your event. This includes all decorations. Facility provides trash bags.

• Any damages to the artwork or TEAplusART property will be the financial responsibility of the event representative or person whose signature is on the contract.

• Any special arrangement must be detailed in the rental contract. Due to insurance restrictions, attendance of more than 30 seated guests without prior approval will terminate the rental, your party will be removed from the grounds.

Prices subject to change.




ROOM RENTAL – YOU PROVIDE THE TREATS [rent tea cups/saucers, sugar bowls, etc]POP UP ART SHOWS