Ron Loyd

Clay will speak to you if you are willing to listen. Clay will show you paths to take if you are willing to take risks.Textural surfaces and its relationship to form and functionality has been my focus for the past several years. As I continue this clay path I am constantly intrigued with new shapes and forms both organic and technology produced. Whether these textures and forms are machine made or by nature, I am willing to imprint into clay and follow it directions to a completed work of art.

My studio process is generally hand-building techniques from coils and slabs. I apply surface treatments with slips, imprinting with manufactured or found objects, making stencils and incise carvings.

Conceptual development is a constant investigation of historical imagery whether it is with fashion trends, functional forms or art makers. Social media has provided an explosion of international ceramic direction and techniques.

Every day in the studio is a creative adventure whether it is a left turn, right turn, step back or step forward into tomorrow.