Melanie Shaw

In studying my forms and methods, I can see patterns of trial and error; success and failure and often these processes are the best lessons. My themes develop along the leitmotif of political statement; line, form and decoration of the piece or work are fashioned into a visual statement after careful deliberation and research of the subject has been formalized. The use of high fire stoneware allows me opportunity to explore detail and refining of decoration while alternately using low fire earthenware to integrate the beautiful color of the clay within the idea of the subject. I utilize several oxidation glaze firings for high fire works that include slip trailing, mishima, image transfer, decals, overglazes and china painting embellishment. These processes are distilled down to a single firing when working in low fire clay.

Additionally, I work with a variety of mixed dependent on the project or concept of the piece, especially in conjunction with the large-scale triptych works. I also produce utilitarian wares; these further refine my sculptural processes, within the contemplation and completion of these wares. They afford me the ability to work out coloration and decoration on a smaller scale while enjoying the process of completing multiples.