Martha Boles

The approach to my art is intuitive and similar to the practice of meditation. I am aware that my task is to create a piece for a particular individual, unknown to me at the time. I listen to and honor my inner impressions about this task, and an alchemical process ensues. I then await the arrival of the “owner,” whether it be at an art show or one of the several locations where my work is available. It is enormously gratifying to witness the recognition and connection of the future owner with the piece and their process of releasing the unconscious to the conscious. This I, believe, is where the inner beauty and truth that lies within the piece is released to the outer world.


My travels to Europe, Central America and Egypt have been instrumental in developing my design philosophy, and have positively influenced the myriad relationships between color and form that I employ. I am fascinated with the organic forms found in nature as well as the juxtaposition of the highly refined to the more natural shapes. My studies in the mysteries have also enhanced my interest in symbolism and the subconscious.