Marion Angelica

Porcelain has captured me –
hands and heart…

I love its feel, its fluidity and its ability to pick up detail and texture. By squeezing, folding and bending it intensely, I push its limits. It challenges me to capture its sensuousness while dealing with its rather finicky temperament. Although trained to throw on the wheel, I have chosen to focus on hand-building techniques. These allow me to work asymmetrically, and employ a wide variety of techniques to form and embellish my work. Because porcelain readily records each touch, I must combine a clear intention and tender touch in order to retain its freshness and fluid quality. Porcelain rarely tolerates “do over’s”.

I believe that authentic art of all kinds requires honed skills and aesthetic sensibilities in combination with openness to accepting unanticipated happy accidents. Although I always come to the studio with an idea in mind, I find my most successful pieces often take shape when I carefully watch and feel what the clay does and respond to it. My goal is to combine technical control and an acceptance of serendipity in my own work. Working with porcelain is a dance between the clay and my hands. When it is working, it feels like the synchrony between the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers. The clay, at times, takes the lead, and I need to follow… fortunately not in high heels and backwards.