Marina Smelik

I was born in on the Pacific coast of former Soviet Union in the city of Vladivostok. My childhood took place in suburbs where I had the opportunity to spend much time in the woods and on the beach watching all the charms and uniqueness of nature. Such close contact with nature had effect on my entire life. While in high school, I enrolled to the school-studio of the fine arts, where my favorite subject was Plein-Air painting. At the same time, I was introduced to 3D art. The first material for which was clay, which impressed me with its plasticity and elasticity. At University while studying for master degree in biology, I did not abandon my creative self. Worked on illustrating botanical books and participated in the design and installation of biological exhibitions. Great changes took place when my family moved to California. The magnificence and power of the local nature overwhelmed me. Energized I continued to paint, reflecting in my works originality of California landscapes. At the same time I took ceramics classes at the college. After that, the clay became my favorite material for the creativity. It allows me to combine my love of nature, 3D art and painting skills. Additionally, the ceramic is a kind of art in which possible to find and explore something new and unknown for the rest of the life. This feature is very attractive to me. My style is a reflection of organic forms and movement captured within, feminine roots and uniqueness of nature. And that gives me power for creativity. Since 2013 I work at Art Academia – European School of Art as 3D arts teacher. My goal of teaching is to develop a love for creativity, so that every student be successful and feel satisfaction from the creative process.

There is nothing better and more powerful than nature. Her energy and beauty have always been the source of my inspiration. The more I observe and explore nature, the more I marvel at its originality and uniqueness. Most of my works were created under this influence and reflect organic forms and uniqueness of the nature.