Kimberley Merck-Moore

Greetings, and welcome to my forest!  The work you see here evolved from a fierce need to create and to tell my viewers a story.  The many layers that are so essential to my work each tell a part, whether as a curve of a branch, a secret path behind a tree, or a nest of eggs hidden in a secret drawer.  As a native Texan, I grew up with a forest behind my home and spent my childhood playing and imagining amongst the trees. The Secret Garden was my favorite book as a child, and plays heavily in all of my work.  While I studied psychology in college, art is the profession that really stirs my soul.
I usually start with a quick sketch.  I try to bring my sketchbook with me wherever I go, as you never know what will inspire.  While usually it is the trees themselves, often an old building with particularly interesting paint that is peeling or worn, or the reflection of a gnarly old oak in the window of an old building will do the trick for me. I like a distressed, rustic or vintage feel.  With my work, I don’t believe in perfect lines or precise measurements, just as nature is usually without perfect construction.  As I create a new series, I might begin with a hidden meadow with a forest at the edge, and start with those trees.  Then I might lead you down a secret path behind those trees, to finally, a secret garden of sorts.  Each piece builds upon the next and continues the dialogue.
Once the starting piece is decided on, I start by building a wood panel or box.  A texture medium is added and about 15-20 layers of acrylic washes build the color.  I like a misty sort of ethereal […]