Katy McKinin

KM.highback.wave.sm[1]I was born and raised in a quiet Midwest college town. My childhood was filled with crafts—from block printing to weaving.  My father, a painter and jeweler, taught in the Art Department at the University of Missouri. In college, I studied music, then later pursued my own Slavic heritage, studying Russian in what was then “Leningrad” and Slavic folklore in Eastern Europe.

Ceramics was the craft that followed me into adulthood, a thread of continuity through my other pursuits.  In 1996, after a wonderful in-depth class at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado, I realized that clay was not a passing fancy and rented my first studio in Houston.  A few years later I built my own studio in the rural Texas countryside, complete with a wood-fired kiln, and founded Fresh Baked Clay, the small pottery I run today.


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