April Burns

April was born in Houston on April of 1976. She endured a trying childhood and was tossed around Texas going to over 19 schools through her childhood. She returned to Houston at age 18 married with a new baby. By 21 she had 3 small children and was about to be a single mom. She put herself through school while raising her children, getting an AA and BA in only 3 years. There was never time to think about doing what she wanted, it was more important to do what was needed to make sure her family was taken care of. She spent the majority of her adult career in the Oil & Gas industry, all the while desperately seeking a way to tap into her artistic side. April was hit with many medical issues, and had 5 heart surgeries un one year. In the end she ended up with pacemaker that beats 100% of the time to keep her going.

Even after all she had been through it wasn’t until last year before April finally realized that the key to life was just being happy. She figured out that like was too short to wait until retirement to be doing all those things we all dream about. What if you don’t make it retirement? You are alive today, you should be happy today! So,April took a couraged leap and left her comfortable job in Oil & Amp; Gas and she opened a custom cake shop. April’s shop is located in The Heights at 3223 Houston Ave. She called it Sweet Sculpting because she wanted to ensure that she could sculpt even if she wasn’t selling cakes. These days April spends most of her time immersed in sugar and porcelain. She has a very special knack for taking any image and recreating it out of sugar and/or porcelain.

The work she creates is filled with details and each piece is one of a kind. April is very quickly being distinguished from others in her field. In the last 10 months, April’s work has been featured in The Leader News, on Channel 02 News and in Modern Luxury Bride magazine. She is a natural artist with years of stifled talent finally breaking free.