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HOUSTON PRESS   Fancy Some Tea?

KPRC   Breakfast favorites at the Metro Food Show

FACEBOOK  TEAplusART official page

HOUSTON HEIGHTS LEADER   Artisan tea coming to the Heights

TEAINTEXAS   Pursue Your Passion

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[cro_callout text=”Electrical is going up, thanks Amy!” layout=”2″ color=”#891C09″]

[cro_callout text=”FIST PUMP TO MARK KING” layout=”2″ color=”#FFDA07″]

[cro_callout text=” Hugs and Kisses, Margaret Thibodeaux” layout=”2″ color=”#DC042B”]

[cro_callout text=”Thanks for the pedestals, Janice Ross” layout=”2″ color=”#EB5777″]

[cro_callout text=”You rock, Stephanie” layout=”2″ color=”#CCCE01″]

[cro_callout text=”The sinks are in, Sylvia ” layout=”2″ color=”#BA265B”]

[cro_callout text=”Fans are purchased, they have names!  Noel, Marcos, Nelma, Karen, Tammy” layout=”2″ color=”#891C09″]

[cro_callout text=” Wild Ivy- newest tea named for the best gal in town” layout=”2″ color=”#DC042B”]

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